~ Split Panes Horizontally

C-b %

~ Split Panes Vertically

C-b "

~ Navigate Panes

C-b <arrow key>

~ Close Pane


~ Close Pane


~ Scroll within a window

C-b Enter <arrow-keys>

~ Create Window

C-b c

~ Navigate previous window

C-b p

~ Navigate next window

C-b n

~ Detach current session

C-b d

~ Choose which session to be detached

C-b D

~ List of the commands

C-b ?

~ Pane goes full screen (repeat to get previous state)

C-b z

~ Resize pane in direction of the arrow key

C-b C-<arrow key>

~ Rename current window

C-b ,

~ List tmux sessions

tmux ls

~ Attach session 0

tmux attach -t 0 

~ Create new session called “name”

tmux new -s name

~ Rename session 0 with name “name”

tmux rename-session -t 0 name